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Acamprosate Calcium

Acamprosate, calcium acetylhomotaurinate, is a synthetic compound with a chemical structure similar to the amino acid neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and the amino acid neuromodulator taurine.

Levothyroxine Sodium

Levothyroxine is the major hormone derived from the thyroid gland. It is the agonist of Thyroid hormone receptor alpha and beta.


Lumefantrine is an antimalarial agent used to treat acute uncomplicated malaria.

Balsalazide Disodium

Balsalazide Disodium is the disodium salt form of balsalazide, an aminosalicylate and oral prodrug that is enzymatically cleaved in the colon to produce the anti-inflammatory agent mesalazine.


Oxiglutatione is the oxidized disulfide form of glutathione (GSH) with potential protective activity.

Cholic Acid

Cholic acid is a naturally occurring bile acid that is insoluble in water and is used to treat patients with genetic deficiencies in the synthesis of bile acids.


Benznidazole is a nitroimidazole derivative having an antiprotozoal activity by interfering with parasite protein biosynthesis, influencing cytokines production and stimulating host phagocytosis.


Calcipotriene is a synthetic derivative of calcitriol, a form of vitamin D. It can induce differentiation and suppresses proliferation of keratinocytes, reversing abnormal keratinocyte changes in psoriasis, and lead to normalization of epidermal growth.


Travoprost is a PGF2a analog that was launched as an ophthalmic solution administered topically for the treatment of elevated intraocular hypertension as a result of open-angle glaucoma, a common optic neuropathy, and a leading cause of blindness. It can act as an agonist of prostaglandin F receptor.

Cangrelor Tetrasodium

Cangrelor is a potent, competitive P2Y12 receptor inhibitor that is administered by intravenous infusion and rapidly achieves near complete inhibition of ADP-induced platelet aggregation.

Fondaparinux Sodium

Fondaparinux is a synthetic glucopyranoside with antithrombotic activity. It selectively binds to antithrombin III, thereby potentiating the innate neutralization of activated factor X (Factor Xa) by antithrombin a synthetic inhibitor of Factor Xa.

Umeclidinium Bromide

Umeclidinium bromide is a long-acting muscarinic antagonist approved for the maintenance treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


Albiglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 agonist (GLP-1 agonist).


Boceprevir is an oral, direct acting hepatitis C virus (HCV) protease inhibitor with Ki value of 14 nM for NS3. It is used in combination with other antiviral agents in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C, genotype 1.

Avibactam Sodium

Avibactam is a covalent, reversible, non-β-lactam β-lactamase inhibitor with IC50 values of 8, 80, and 38 nM for TEM-1, P99, and KPC-2 β-lactamases, respectively.

Tipiracil Hydrochloride

Tipiracil is an inhibitor of thymidine phosphorylase, the enzyme that degrades trifluridine into trifluorothymidine. Its combination with trifluridine increases the bioavailability of trifluridine.