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GLPG1837 is a novel CFTR potentiator with an EC50 value of 3 nM for F508del, showing enhanced efficacy on CFTR mutants harboring class III mutations compared to Ivacaftor.


2-D08 is a cell permeable, mechanistically unique inhibitor of protein sumoylation. It is also inhibits Axl, IRAK4, ROS1, MLK4, GSK3β, RET, KDR and PI3Kα with IC50 values of 0.49, 3.9, 5.3, 9.8, 11, 11, 17 and 35 nM respectively in biochemical assays.


ML221 is a potent apelin receptor (APJ) functional antagonist in cell-based assays that is >37-fold selective over the closely related angiotensin II type 1 (AT1) receptor. The IC50 values of ML221 are 0.70 and 1.75 μM in a cAMP assay and β-arrestin assay, respectively.

CID16020046 (CID 16020046)

CID16020046 is a selective GPR55 antagonist, inhibiting GPR55 constitutive activity with IC50 of 0.15 μM in yeast. It demonstrates weak activity against a broad spectrum of other GPCRs, ion channels, kinases, and nuclear receptor.

Stenabolic (SR9009)

SR9009 is a synthetic REV-ERB agonist with IC50s of 670 nM and 800 nM for REV-ERB-α and for REV-ERB-β, respectively.


ML204 is a novel, potent, and selective TRPC4 channel inhibitor with apparent IC50 values of about 1 μM in fluorescent intracellular Ca2+ assays and about 3 μM in whole-cell voltage clamp experiments. It exhibits some selectivity within the TRPC subfamily of channels and higher selectivity against other TRP channels and non-TRP channels.


RAF709 is a potent inhibitor of B/C RAF kinase with almost equivalent IC50 values of 0.4 nM for B-RAF and C-RAF, showing a high level of selectivity, demonstrating greater than 99% on-target binding to BRAF, BRAFV600E, and CRAF at 1 μM and very few off-targets with DDR1 (>99%), DDR2 (86%), FRK (92%), and PDGFRb (96%), the only kinases with binding >80% at 1 μM.


PHTPP is an ERβ selective antagonist with 36-fold selective for ER βover ERα.


AS1517499 is a novel and potent STAT6 inhibitor with an IC50 value of 21 nM.


AZD1390 is a first-in-class orally available and CNS penetrant ATM inhibitor with an IC50 of 0.78 nM in cells and >10,000-fold selectivity over closely related members of the PIKK family of enzymes and excellent selectivity across a broad panel of kinases.


CU-CPT22 shows dose-dependent inhibitory effects blocking Pam3CSK4-induced TLR1/2 activation with an IC50 of 0.58 ± 0.09 µM while no significant inhibition to TLR2/6. It demonstrates minimal non-specific inhibition against a panel of 10 representative kinases (PDGFRB, MET, DDR2, SRC, MAPK1, PAK1, AKT1, PKC-γ, CAMK1, and PLK4).