HiScript II Q RT SuperMix for qPCR


The Vazyme HiScript II Reverse Transcriptase, optimized from M-MLV (RNase H-) Reverse Transcriptase, is a new generation reverse transcriptase with highly improved heat stability and cDNA synthesis efficiency. The HiScript II Q RT SuperMix for qPCR is specially designed for 2-step RT-qPCR. The 5× Mix contains all necessary components needed for reverse transcription, including Buffer, dNTPs, HiScript II Reverse Transcriptase, RNase inhibitor, and Random primers/Oligo-dT primer mix.



The HiScript II Q RT SuperMix for qPCR has been specially optimized for qPCR. For example, the ratio of Random primers/Oligo-dT primer is optimized to enable cDNA synthesis at any region of the template RNA and to ensure the repeatability of qPCR results. The cDNA products are compatible for SYBR- or probe-based qPCR, such as AceQ qPCR SYBR Green Master Mix (Vazyme, #Q111), ChamQ SYBR qPCR Master Mix (Vazyme, #Q311), ChamQ Color SYBR qPCR Master Mix (Vazyme, #Q411), and AceQ qPCR Probe Master Mix (Vazyme, #Q112).

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